The Making of a Camera Lens

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A beautiful and captivating video featuring the making of a Sigma Lens, the countless people involved, and the intricacy in the process. May this video be a reminder to take pride in what you do.

The New GoPro HERO 3 Promo Video is Amazing!

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Simply put, the new GoPro HERO 3 camera is Amazing! And…. their promo video showcases the new super-slow-mo 4k camera unbelievably well; prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor and grab a mop to clean up your drool; this footage is crazy cool! Be inspired and go buy… Keep Reading »

The Pride is in Process of Creating

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The tale of a man building the most beautiful, but most dangerous machine… Some people don’t understand what its like to spend hours, days, weeks, months, or years pouring into your creativity, your dream, your idea… to them it’s a waste of time, to them what’s the point, to them… Keep Reading »


John Clesse on Creativity

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John Clesse shares his rather humorous yet incredibly profound thoughts on creativity. It’s about the importance of getting alone, the importance of giving yourself time, time and more time, having confidence, and removing fears so you can simply play! Nothing will stop you from being creative more effectively than the… Keep Reading »

Ray Bradbury on Creativity

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Ray Bradbury shares his thoughts on his creative process. So inspiring! “I never set out to write a certain story. The idea must originate somewhere deep within me [...] not infront of the typewriter [...] Usually it begins with associations.” This video is a little long but I was so… Keep Reading »

Jack White on Creativity

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Jack white shares his thoughts on the creative process. “Deadlines make you creative but telling yourself you have all the time in the world – all the time you want – all the money you want – all the colors in the world… anything you want. That kills creativity.” Thanks… Keep Reading »


Inspiration: Beautiful Video Equipment Room

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This has to be the most perfectly organized equipment room I’ve ever seen – my OCDness is drooling. I dream for an Equipment Room like this in which everything has a place to such precise extent that I almost feel guilty that I remove anything from the serenity of sublime… Keep Reading »

Unreal Timelapse: Nightfall on LA

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“Nightfall” is one of the most recent works by photographer Colin Rich, who photographs the transition from day to night over the massive city of LA in a stunning way. Colin utilizes some fantastic camera movement which really adds a dynamic element to the work. I find it particularly impressive… Keep Reading »

Searching for West

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This brilliant short film fully embodies the nostalgic and fond memories of spending time with my dad out in the woods bow hunting. I can still remember tracking and harvesting our first wild boar. So so so good!

Glitch Art, Technology Gone Awry is Unusually Beautiful

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You know those accidental block squares on your busted digital photo, that electronic street sign that keeps twitching, or that TV on a mess? Glitches are the frustrating byproduct of technology gone awry, or are they? Wildly scrambled images, frozen blue screens, and garbled sounds signify moments where we want… Keep Reading »

sports sound

Meet The Guys That Make Sports Sound Amazing

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Let me introduce you to a podcast that I absolutely love called 99% Invisible which is a popular radio show and podcast about design, architecture and all the thought that goes into the things most people don’t even think about. The goal of 99% Invisible is to make radio that… Keep Reading »

What you didn’t know about amazing slow motion video.

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Slow motion filmmaking is just not an area I’ve had much experience with because it’s not accessible in the current market until now. The FS700 is the first camera to truly be within a realistic budget for an indie filmmaker like myself. What’s even cooler is that these guys, real… Keep Reading »

These Filmmakers Are Living My Dream: Gorilla Pictures

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Part of my role at Rockharbor Church… scratch that… the priority of my role at Rockharbor is to raise up and call out new creative filmmakers in our community, walk along side them, and help them become great filmmakers. We each have unique gifts and talent… I get to help… Keep Reading »

Heliboarding in the Swiss Alps

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Yes please! This looks like so much fun but for me being the pilot seems more fun than snowboarding! Just a little fun inspiration for the day.

Curtis L. Wiebe: Filmmaker / Propmaker / Artist

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Simply inspiring… never stop being creative!