Final Cut Pro X // Apple Now Giving Free Trials

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If you’ve waited to make the switch to Final Cut Pro because you didn’t want to fork out $300 and later discover that FCPX wasn’t for you or the learning curve was just too much to take in. Well, today is your lucky day! Apple is giving out Final Cut… Keep Reading »

FCPX // How to Manage Events and Projects

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I’ve mentioned Event Manager X before but here’s how you use it to manage your Final Cut Pro X events and projects, why you shouldn’t work without it, and a look at the latest features of the $5 app! Special thanks to the guys at MacBreak Studio for this podcast!


FCP X // Email Notifications when a Render is Complete

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Wouldn’t it be nice to get an email when your FCP X render finishes? Well this little app makes it possible! Render Notification is an unglamorous and clunky little render notifier app… but it works! How to Setup It’s about as simple as can be but you’ll need to have… Keep Reading »

Tutorial // Adjustment Layers in FCPX

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have adjustment layers in FCPX like you have in Premier CS6? Well you can, and it’s super easy to do! Simply create a blank FCPX title in motion and use that as your adjustment layer in FCPX. Since I just learned this adjustment layer trick… Keep Reading »


Easily Hide/Show FCPX Projects and Events using Event Manager X

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I’ve got nearly one hundred videos in the bag since Final Cut X launched. That’s far too many projects to load into FCPX each time the app launches. Of course I’ve developed my own system of moving inactive projects to a “Final Cut Archive” folder and have my own backup… Keep Reading »

Final Cut X, PluralEyes & Multi-Cam Glory

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As you may or may not know FCPX now supports multi-cam editing and it actually does it quite well; I’d say it’s even significantly improved over its predecessor, namely for the ability to choose to only cut video and leave the audio fixed. For quite some time I have relied… Keep Reading »

Final Cut Pro X Project Import Utility

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We can import our legacy Final Cut Pro 7 projects into Final Cut Pro X! Finally! When the new Final Cut Pro X launched, one massively important feature that Apple failed to include was the ability to import projects from FCP7. As far as I am concerned, this one lacking… Keep Reading »


Final Cut Pro X Update Today, Oh My!

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The Latest Final Cut Pro X Update Brings the Features Pro Editors Have Been Demanding! Yep, Final Cut Pro X FINALLY received a shiny new update today, outfitted with support for some of the things we were missing: Multicam Editing Chroma Keying Ability to reconnect media XML Support across color,… Keep Reading »

The Best FCPX Walkthrough

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The best darn walkthrough of the new Final Cut Pro X I’ve seen to date…. So, if you’re the a FCP 7 editor complaining about starting over, frustrated and/or afraid of the new Final Cut just give Evan Schechtman 50 minutes of your time. During which, he will debunk many… Keep Reading »


Final Cut Pro X – Good or Bad?

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My overall take on the new Final Cut Pro is as follows… The UI seems more intuitive for the average joe who is already familiar with iMovie however, I found the UI fairly confusing coming from FCP7. I would consider myself to be an expert at FCP7 and after about… Keep Reading »


Kicking the Tires – Final Cut Pro X

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If you’re like me you’ve been working with Final Cut for close to a decade now and you know it… well like the back of your hand or your favorite movie or your favorite shoes or your car or your…. well you get the idea. But that inevitable day did… Keep Reading »

Canon 5D – 7D Workflow

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These days there’s nothing quite like the images you get when shooting video on a Canon 5D or 7D but the import process for editing your videos can be a little confusing the first time around. In this tech tutorial we’ll look at 2 ways to import footage from your… Keep Reading »


Final Cut Cheat Sheet

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Learning the the keyboard shortcuts in a complex application like Final Cut Pro is the fastest way to speed up your workflow. It’s safe to say it usually takes several years of hard work and diligence to become a fast and effective Final Cut user with all of those magical… Keep Reading »


My Compressor Settings for Web

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Compressing video for the web is often a difficult thing to do and get it just right. If you use Final Cut Studio then I’ve got a little helper for you I think you might enjoy. I’ve spent years getting my compression settings just the way I like them for… Keep Reading »

Turn 16×9 Video Into 4×3

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A 5min solution for turning 16×9 footage into 4×3 footage. In this screencast we’ll look at how to take your 16×9 timeline in Final Cut Pro and fit it into a 4×3 timeline. I’ll also show you a couple of sweet tricks to help you make smart decisions about which… Keep Reading »

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