Keep Your Mac Awake When Certain Apps Are Running

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Video pros, don’t we all get a little frustrated when we leave while our machine crunches some transcoding and we return to find it only made it half way before our Mac decided to take a nap? Or if you’re like me, you just tell your machine to never sleep…… Keep Reading »

Dashlane – My Personal Data & Password Manager

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What is Dashlane? It takes the work out of remembering passwords, credit card numbers, and more in a secure vault encrypted locally on my computer, and it syncs everything between each of my computers. Simply put it’s a password manager app plus so much more…. Absolutely genius!

Complete Workflow for Photo and Video by Chase Jarvis

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Pretty cool stuff and there’s nothing more important than backing up. My system isn’t quite this robust but it is pretty close. I still backup my working drive to Time Machine as well as on-site and off-site for my archived projects. Hope this is helpful. I might make a video… Keep Reading »

“Skitch” a Useful Screenshot Tool

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How often are you working on a project and just need to make a note or two on an image or graphic? Yeah me too – all the time. Isn’t it so cumbersome to articulate what you like or don’t like in an email? I usually just wish I could… Keep Reading »

Trouble with Passwords?

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Having trouble remembering all those passwords you create when you’re online? Yeah me too… At least someone came up with a good idea to store them all in one secure place and make them synced and accessible on any computer. With LastPass you just create an account with 1 master… Keep Reading »


Move iTunes from PC to Mac

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Moving your entire music library from your PC to your Mac sound like a daunting idea…. and there are many ways to do it, but I’ve found that this is the most seamless way and you won’t have to reset your ipod afterward either.Step 1 – UpgradeMake sure you have… Keep Reading »


Stay Backed-Up a New Way!

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They always say, “Your not backed up till you have multiple copies in multiple locations.” Here’s so cool tools to stay backed up, share files with clients, and access your projects from anywhere on the planet.I often get asked how I keep all of my projects backed up and how… Keep Reading »

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