Here’s to Moms

Here’s to Moms

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Here’s to the amazing moms out there of which I had one of the greatest!


What type of camera holder are you?

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A fun perspective on something I hardly ever think about, how goofy I look holding me camera… I guess I’m probably somwhere between the peek-a-boo, the okey-dokey, and the hipster. What are you? -Thanks for reposting this and Davis Goslin for showing it to me!


Taking an Epic Trip to Alaska

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What the waaaa…? I’m about to embark on an epic road trip in Alaska with my amazing wife and my best friend Nick! Our flight leaves in t-minus 2 hours! Stay tuned for updates on our trip! It’s gonna be rad! The plan: Anchorage –> Road trip down the Kenai… Keep Reading »

Video Shoot South of the Border

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Last weekend we had the pleasure of spending the day with some of our best friends John and Christie Alvarado who run a non-profit organization called Reflect Ministries. For more than a decade John has been running a breakfast program in Tijuana for kids. Its purpose is to bring a… Keep Reading »


My Black Hole

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It’s been pretty odd that I’ve not had home internet for more than three weeks. We’ve been in the middle of a move and turned off our internet access during this transition to our new place. I’m past the point of confusion and withdrawals – in fact I’ve made due… Keep Reading »


Filming in a Helicopter Today!

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There are days when I like my job and then there are days like this…. WHEN I LOVE MY JOB! Working on a film today and got the incredible opportunity to spend 2 hours up here over Orange County, CA. Simply feeling super blessed and honored to get to do… Keep Reading »


Honesty at the Threshold of the Dressing Room

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I know there are many men out there who likely lothe shopping with their wives, but I think it’s not only fun but actually quite practical. I mean there’s plenty of walking (exercise), tons of time on the comfy couch by the dressing room (chilaxin’), and your wife comes out… Keep Reading »


Ok go…….

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Much exciting change is in the works for us! You may have already heard that I just accepted the position as Video Associate Director at Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa, CA. I thought I’d write up a quick story about the last few months for us and share how… Keep Reading »


Fashion Shoot + My Wife

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It was last fall and my wife and I were bored one afternoon while down in San Diego… so we decided to go outside and take some photos of her in a really cool Pea Coat. My wife is so much fun to photograph – not to mention drop dead… Keep Reading »


Daniel’s Rock Band

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A hot band just in from England, this crew can not only shred on their plastic five colored fret buttons and tweak that whammy bar to the max, they also got drop dead gorgeous looks. The drummer Rusty (left) busts the beats with his four rubber drum pads and kick… Keep Reading »


Hume Lake Snow!

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After an adventurous drive last night through the last powerful hours of the more than 5 days of constant snowfall, 1 fallen tree across the highway, and a good night sleep; this is what we woke up to find this morning…. more than five glorious feet of fluffy clean magnificent… Keep Reading »


My Grandpa

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Last weekend we celebrated my Grandfather’s life of 94 years! A beloved father, brother, grandfather and fisherman. Now he’s fishin w/ Jesus! Al was born May 19th, 1915 in Amisk, Alberta Canada. He was the fourteenth of fifteen children for Christian and Karen Setter who immigrated from Norway at the… Keep Reading »


Our Love Story

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Written by Jeff & Erin Youngren Brandon read his plane ticket again and sighed. He had just been moved from First Class – from what was supposed to be the best flight of his life. He looked up and double checked that he really did have to sit next to… Keep Reading »

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