Sony Ci / Cloud Based Video Review and Annotation System

Sony Ci / Cloud Based Video Review and Annotation System

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How hard is it to get understandable, clear, and concise feedback on videos you are in the process of cutting? If you’re like me, I spend so much time trying to decipher vague notes from clients that usually look something like: “(0:43 to 0:55) remove this shot and swap it… Keep Reading »

Infinite Idea Engine

Infinite Idea Engine

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Tired of creative block? Yeah, me too… well there’s hope and this little app might just be the sledge hammer that breaks creative block for good! It’s called Ok Do This. Give it a go!

WeVideo // Web Based Video Editing

WeVideo // Web Based Video Editing

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WeVideo may not be for the professional editor but it certainly is a cool solution for the beginner video editor or the editor on the go. You can edit from any device too! Just simply upload your material from the device of your choosing and start editing. The layout and… Keep Reading »


Pocket Scout // Location Scouting Made Simple

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I’ve started taking photos of places I accidentally find that would make great filming locations… you know the kinds of unexpected gems you didn’t set out to find but want to remember for later. Yeah those. And since most of the stuff I do is without a permit I’m always… Keep Reading »


I Just Backed Modo

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Modo stands for “Modular Desktop Organizer”. Modo is an easy to use addition to your desktop. You can customize Modo to fit your storage and organizational needs. Modo’s strength is in its ability to adapt to any environment and accommodate a large variety of objects you use daily. But mostly… Keep Reading »

Simple – Changing the Face of Banking

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I’m looking forward to joining the first bank that actually seems to truly believe that their users are the most important part of their company. Simple.

Make Crazy DSLR Timelapses Using Triggertrap for iPhone

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I do time-lapse work quite often and the Triggertrap App will give me some really cool options I’ve never thought of before… More creative freedom? Yes please! And for only $30 bucks you’re ready to shoot! Not bad considering the Canon Intervalometer is $100 Triggertrap features: 1. Triggering my DSLR… Keep Reading »

40% off Adobe Creative Suite CS6

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Ryan Koo at has posted this link to get your Adobe CS6 subscription for 40% off – That’s $29/month instead of $50/month for the first year! Woah – yes please! You just need to sign up before August 31st – plenty of time :) Adobe Premier has become quite… Keep Reading »


Easily Hide/Show FCPX Projects and Events using Event Manager X

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I’ve got nearly one hundred videos in the bag since Final Cut X launched. That’s far too many projects to load into FCPX each time the app launches. Of course I’ve developed my own system of moving inactive projects to a “Final Cut Archive” folder and have my own backup… Keep Reading »


Finally Stream Your Mac to the Apple TV

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Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring has been around since the iPad 2, allowing you to wirelessly stream your iOS device’s screen to a television through the Apple TV. But Macs have so far been left out of the picture, requiring long, ugly and inconvenient cables in order to connect to a TV…. Keep Reading »

Final Cut Pro X Project Import Utility

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We can import our legacy Final Cut Pro 7 projects into Final Cut Pro X! Finally! When the new Final Cut Pro X launched, one massively important feature that Apple failed to include was the ability to import projects from FCP7. As far as I am concerned, this one lacking… Keep Reading »


Gimme Bar

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Gimme Bar… a new app that is now apart of my everyday web use. What is Gimme Bar? Well, you know when you find something really great while browsing the web and you want to save it for later so you can find it again some day? If you’re like… Keep Reading »


Ready to Ditch Your Bank?

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I’m so fed up with my bank and there is finally a solution… It’s called Simple. Simple is not a bank, they’re better than a bank and they’re for everyone who what’s to clarify their everyday finances with no fees and no worries. What attracted me to Simple? 1. Beautifully… Keep Reading »

Coolest New Bank Model

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I never thought I’d say this but I’m crazy excited for this new bank called Bank Simple! Bank Simple believes that we deserve an alternative to antiquated technology and old ways of just being customers. And they will offer human customer service, clear and simple policies, and have no hidden… Keep Reading »


Final Cut Pro X – Good or Bad?

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My overall take on the new Final Cut Pro is as follows… The UI seems more intuitive for the average joe who is already familiar with iMovie however, I found the UI fairly confusing coming from FCP7. I would consider myself to be an expert at FCP7 and after about… Keep Reading »

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