The Open Window Exchange

The Open Window Exchange

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The Open Window Exchange just invited me to participate in their blog. What an honor. They essentially encapsulate everything I love about traveling the world. It’s the little moments in between that capture my soul when I travel, the unexpected cup of coffee, the back alley that no one ever… Keep Reading »

Join the Lights 12 Month Tour

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Throughout the next year, my good friends Davis, Tim, and Kevin will travel to 12 organizations in 12 different countries, making a film about each one in order to shine light on their cause. It would be so rad if you help support their films! …and visit the Join The… Keep Reading »

Coffee With a Purpose : Changing Lives in Thailand

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This is the story of an extraordinary coffee bean from bean to cup on its journey travelling half way around the globe. This is not just any ordinary coffee bean, this coffee bean is helping change lives forever. In the fall of 2011 my wife and I journeyed to Northern… Keep Reading »


Taking an Epic Trip to Alaska

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What the waaaa…? I’m about to embark on an epic road trip in Alaska with my amazing wife and my best friend Nick! Our flight leaves in t-minus 2 hours! Stay tuned for updates on our trip! It’s gonna be rad! The plan: Anchorage –> Road trip down the Kenai… Keep Reading »

Amazing Thai Lantern Festival

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Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re right in the middle of experiencing something amazing and realize that this moment should have been on your bucket list, but you just never knew to put it there in the first place? This is exactly what happened to my… Keep Reading »

Hume Thailand Update: October 29, 2011

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Well there it is… camp finished… God moved… we’re exhausted… Enjoy a couple of fund videos of JR High Camp!


Hume Thailand Update: October 28, 2011

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(I’m sitting here editing the camp video outside among the steamy night air while posting this…) Well, it is here. The last full day of camp. It’s been great to see God get a hold of the hearts of these juniors highers. Tonight, we had a time of extended worship… Keep Reading »


Hume Thailand Update: October 27, 2011

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Life is fun but not always fair. These junior highers are fast at everything. They run fast, they talk fast, and they eat especially fast. We’ve been running, swimming, belly flopping, throwing frisbees, trying to be king of four square, and tagging with campers like crazy. (And that’s just between… Keep Reading »


Hume Thailand Update: October 26, 2011

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Well, after a beautiful morning/early afternoon (as we like to call it, the calm before the storm), the junior highers showed up by the sang tows (or truck loads) and immediately the activities began. Everything from swimming and taking it easy, to a four square tournament and the infamous human… Keep Reading »


Hume Thailand Update: October 25, 2011

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That’s a wrap! High School camp has come to a bittersweet end. We hope they’ve been filled with the fullness of Christ as we send them out. Chris closed with a final reminder to the students from 1 Timothy 4:12, “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are… Keep Reading »

Hume Thailand Update: October 25, 2011

Hume Thailand Update: October 25, 2011

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Week one of Hume Lake in Chiang Mai Thailand just came to an end and we met over 270 high school students this week. It always amazes me what God does when we open our hands a let him lead… He showed up, not just in the speaking and worship,… Keep Reading »

Hume Thailand Update: October 23, 2011

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We want more! This morning kicked off with a great morning worship session with an impressive turn out considering we tired them out the night before with an epic game of dodgeball. Just picture a David vs. Goliath match-up of a few fearless counselors vs. 200 campers (talk about stacking… Keep Reading »


Hume Thailand Update: October 22, 2011

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Today was the day and we’re loving it! We’ve been preparing diligently for camp to start and I think some of us were starting to get a little anxious for things to get going. And today, we definitely got it going. The students arrived in the sang tou loads. We… Keep Reading »


Hume Thailand Update: October 21, 2011

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(sorry no photo today…) There’s a small chance we’ve been offending people since we stepped off the plane. Thankfully, after an excellent Thai Cultural Training session this morning, we’re much more aware of just how bad we were. We covered the basics with Hello, My name is, and Thank You…. Keep Reading »


Hume Thailand Update: October 20, 2011

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We’ve arrived! And we’re working on the conquering part as we type…we’ll do our best to send out an update every couple of days. Please feel free to forward to others who would like to share in our journey. After our arrival yesterday, with all our luggage (nothing lost or… Keep Reading »

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